Douglas Fraser

Senior software engineer with a variety of experience in different business sectors and industries - Experienced in all phases of systems development, from requirements analysis to development to QA, along with systems integration and administration


Independent Consultant / M.Sc. Student

10-2015 — Present

Currently investigating the viability of several startup ideas related to machine learning and data science
Please see Projects and The Data Science Of Good Writing

03-2014 — 04-2016 Was part time Head of IT and also a Director for the non-profit CLEAR CLR Ltd - responsible for all
the IT efforts, managing part time volunteers in IT related work, and deciding overall IT strategy

  • Transitioned old Wordpress site to Mezzanine, a Django based CMS
  • System administrator for a new Linode based server
  • Cleaned up issues with Paypal related processes and database of members; efforts resulted in a 100% increase and stabilization of membership based revenues
  • Integration with an ad network resulted in an extra 50% increase in revenue
  • Designed and developed functionality to allow members to contact each other as well as their MPs for use in 'community organizing' and political campaigning
  • Extensive customization and enhancement of website to improve workflow processes and reduce workload of other volunteers, such as integration with Facebook, Paypal, Stripe, Mandrill, and MailChimp

08-2013 — 11-2013 Consultant for alpha stage startup that was to compete in the online eyewear business by
allowing independent opticians to easily market their stores and wares without having to develop
their own websites

  • Developed the heavily customized Django based administrative backend that would enable opticians to easily manage their wares, sales, etc in the startup's reseller system
Python Django Facebook Paypal Stripe Mezzanine

Senior Research Engineer, Proxama

03-2014 — 10-2015

Responsible for researching, analyzing, and developing new technologies for use by Proxama, such as recommendation systems, iBeacons, and HCE for contactless mobile payments

  • Developed a roadmap for Proxama's future efforts to streamline and enhance the data science aspects of its beacon network and the TapPoint marketing campaign / rewards system
  • Responsible for design of a machine learning based recommendation system for analyzing consumers' financial transactions in order to increase effectiveness of marketing efforts through TapPoint
  • Development and maintenance of Django based servers of a prototype EMV and HCE compatible system (i.e. contactless mobile payment) akin to ApplePay
  • Team lead for a small team that developed the Certificate Authority and Web Services components of a prototype J2EE (JBoss and Glassfish) system based on the Django based prototype
  • Development of Python scripts for statistical analysis of beacon related data and technical reports along with a Django app and Python library for integrating with Proxama's systems
  • Researched iBeacon / Eddystone technology as part of effort towards evaluating beacon hardware from manufacturers - e.g. developed firmware for a "secure" iBeacon to prevent network sniffing
  • Responsible for the creation of iOS and Android beacon related test and research applications
  • Developed library for Android applications, based on beacon research, to emulate and improve on iOS's beacon proximity status
Django iBeacon Eddystone AWS HCE mobile payments iOS Android Python J2EE JBoss Glassfish data science

Chief Technology Officer, Microcinema

01-2002 — 04-2014

Responsible for all IT matters such as system administration, website development, IT strategy, etc - the position was a part time one as Microcinema's main focus was on reselling obscure and art house type films (DVDs) in bulk to wholesalers and large educational institutions

Another aspect of the position was also managing the IT for Independent Exposure (, a short film festival and curated archive that Microcinema ran for 13 years

  • Used Django as the basis for the new websites and backend application for managing the product database - notable work included designing a multi-site / multi-database Django installation so both of Microcinema's websites could run off one master product database
  • Designed a Video on Demand system based on Amazon Web Services
  • Duties also included all system administration of the servers, including Apache, Exim, Courier, Dovecot, MySQL, etc. -- migrated server and website across several hosting companies
  • Designed / developed a web based accounting system for tracking sales and royalties
  • Integration of Microcinema's systems with other companies such as e-commerce platforms (,, Cybersource, SagePay, Paypal) and USPS
Django Python DVD film film festivals Netsuite Apache MySQL PHP Paypal Cybersource Sagepay

Lead Developer and Head of IT, Linescape

03-2008 — 04-2013

Lead engineer and nominal CTO for Linescape/Tarisoga, an aggregator of ocean shipping schedules much like Sabre is for the airline industry, or Expedia - was also responsible for managing the part time contractors

  • System architect and lead developer for all the backend IT systems, which include the following -
    • Database layer, made up of MySQL and the Neo4j graph database which holds the schedule data
    • Web Services API (REST) on top of Neo4j that utilizes OAuth
    • Selenium based web scraping system for processing 300+ carrier websites and their online schedules
    • Data processing pipelines which clean and transform EDI, XML, HTML, text schedules to Tarisoga's XML
    • Amazon RDS based system for creating large search result sets for customers
    • Datafeed system for delivering weekly customized search results to customers
  • Supervised the development of Tarisoga's public Symfony based website (, an Expedia-like Javascript based one page application for searching the schedule database
  • Designed and developed the portal for advertisers to manage their Linescape website accounts
  • Designed and developed an online marketplace for shippers to request and respond to freight rate requests
  • Duties also include all system administration of the Debian based servers, including Nginx, Lighttpd, Exim, Courier, etc
ocean shipping Debian Javascript Apache Nginx Exim Courier PHP Python Symfony MySQL Percona Expedia UNIX shell scripts AWS XSLT XML Selenium

Lead Developer, Ventures, Etc

01-2004 — 10-2007

Full time contractor hired to design and develop the J2EE backend for (an online racetrack gambling site) that handles the wagering process and integrates with other companies' systems

  • Replaced the previous designed for C++ code / application that was jammed into Weblogic with a properly designed J2EE architecture
  • SLA increased from 82% to 99.9%, maximum concurrent users increased from 2200 to beyond 4500
  • Revenue increased 22% due to increase in website's stability (a million dollars a weekend sometimes)
  • Was rehired to port, redesign, and enhance the back end when Xpressbet moved to using JBoss
  • Installed and administered the Weblogic servers; duties included packaging and deployment of the application as well as development
  • Developed Web Services for integrating Weblogic server with .NET system of partner company
  • Wrote Ant based and UNIX scripts for automating daily tasks as well as for testing
  • Wrote test plans and directed the Quality Assurance phase of the project
  • Assisted with maintenance and enhancements of the PHP based front end of
Java J2EE Weblogic JBoss EJB Web Services

Senior QA Engineer, Cohera

12-1999 — 04-2002

Senior developer in the QA department responsible for designing and developing automated test systems for junior employees to use in their duties

  • Designed / developed a scriptable Java based multithreaded automated test harness (based on JUnit) for Cohera’s web scraping software that used multiple web servers and DBMSes
  • Designed and developed a Java based automated test harness for testing the various components of Cohera’s J2EE n-tier catalog management and content integration system
  • Developed a library of SilkTest and SQA Robot test routines for the Weblogic based Catalog Management System to alleviate the QA department’s workload of creating test scripts
  • Maintained and extended the existing Java based multithreaded automated test system that tested the Cohera Hub, a front end for integrating disparate DBMSs into a large distributed database system
  • Developed Perl scripts for easily installing and updating standardized test databases
  • Led integration of Cohera's UNIX based QA system into Peoplesoft's Windows development environment after Peoplesoft bought Cohera
Java J2EE automated testing QA JUnit multithreaded programming Weblogic MySQL Oracle Postgresql web scraping

Senior Developer, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

03-1994 — 12-1999

Developer for a large contracting company that mostly focused on the US defence industry - was system architect and lead developer for several projects

  • Technical lead for the Interim Tactical Orderwire System, a multithreaded client/server C++ text and voice orderwire system used in remote satellite terminals for communications management purposes. Some notable achievements on this project included the following -
    • Saved a contract that was at risk of being rejected by working closely with a frustrated customer
    • Developed an automated testing system for exercising the GUI, network communications layer, and the customized memory management subsystem
    • Designed and implemented a reliable multicast satellite communications protocol as TCP/IP was not usable along with a protocol for properly replicating the server’s database at the client sites
    • Wrote unit and integration test plans; wrote the software design documents and user manual
  • Received several out-of-cycle raises, bonuses, and a promotion for outstanding performance and productivity. In one performance review, my supervisor stated "I consider Doug one of the top two software developers in my group and one of the top five in the Operation."
  • Participated in several projects that assessed the security of customers' computer systems; wrote automated scripts for those purposes and acquired a working knowledge of firewalls, voice mail hacking, Internet and website security, and various security packages
  • Software architect for an multithreaded SAIC war dialer that has advanced features such as scanning using multiple modems, a remote control capability, and an automated “intelligent” break-in capability
  • Created SNMP software that enabled a customer to manage the performance and security of dial-in access devices on their company's intranet
  • Participated in the design and development of a Nexpert Object-based expert system for use in a device that is capable of exercising intelligent control of jamming resources to minimize ‘communications fratricide’
  • Technical lead for the Demand Assigned Multiple Access satellite communications C++ system which allowed users to dynamically create and modify satellite communication links between network terminals. Some notable achievements include the following -
  • Designed the C++ library of satellite modem drivers, database module, the network protocol, and the database schemas
  • Responsible for quality control / integration of co-workers’ modules which were written in C
Pascal C C++ satellite networks TCP/IP IT security assessments OOP wardialing

Lead Developer, Pragmatics, Inc.

06-1992 — 03-1994

System architect and lead developer for one component / box of two satellite networking projects for the US Department of Defence

  • Technical lead in the design, development, and testing for the Object Oriented Store and Forward Message Processing System (SFP). The SFP is a hub and router for messages from other components of the Secure Survivable Communications Network (SSCN), a distributed satellite communication network
  • Designed a networking algorithm to prevent duplicates messages and to prevent messages from flooding the subnetworks connected to the SFP
  • Rewrote low level hardware interrupt routines of the SFP’s OS for greater efficiency
  • Designed and wrote a C++ library for controlling satellite modems and an OO database for other team members working on a specialized demand assigned bandwidth communications network
  • Developed an OO database as well as the database schema for DABS, a specialized demand assigned bandwidth packet communications network that allows users to dynamically configure connections
  • Generated system and unit test plans, software design documents, functional requirements, and interface specifications for these projects based on the DoD 2167A standard
  • Responsible for the white box testing of the GUI and business logic modules of DABS as well as the unit and integration testing of the SFP
OOP satellite networks Pascal C++
Additional employment details on request


Creator, Sorted

Sorted is a bookmark categorizer, based on the machine learning research into analyzing and categorizing web pages. Currently researching the machine learning aspects and designing the basic system.

machine learning, data science, classification, Numpy, sci-kit, statistical learning

Creator, Webcv

Webcv is a Django based CMS for putting a resume/CV on the web which utilizes the FRESCA resume standard. Currently designing and developing.

Django, Python, node.js, hackmyresume, FRESCA, JSResume

Creator, WebsiteEval

WebsiteEval will be a project investigating using machine learning as a way of evaluating the quality of websites, based on the quality of its content and also the quality of its graphic design.

machine learning, data science


Skill Keywords
Platforms UNIX, OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, Facebook
Languages Python, Java, Prolog, C, C++, Awk, Objective-C, PHP, Javascript, shell scripts, XSLT, XHTML, CSS, SQL
System Administration AWS, Nginx, Apache, Lighttpd, SpamAssassin, ASSP, Exim, Postfix, Fabric, SaltStack, Dovecot, Courier, CPanel / WHM
Frameworks Django, Mezzanine, Symfony, Wordpress, Mambo, Weblogic, JBoss, Glassfish
Technologies J2EE, EJB, Web Services, iBeacon, Eddystone, Bluetooth, SOAP, AJAX, Servlets, HTTP, TCP/IP, OOA / OOD / OOP, SNMP, JDBC, UML
Software Ant, Neo4j, JUnit, PHPUnit, Selenium, Git, MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, NetBeans, Eclipse, Subversion, jQuery, Prototype.js, Scriptalicious, Apache POI, xlswriter, LaTeX, WEKA


M.Sc. in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, University of East Anglia

2016 — 2017

Currently investigating several potential thesis topics.

M.Sc. in Informatics and Computer Science, University of Edinburgh

1998 — 1999

The Informatics course focused on the practices of software engineering as opposed to the theoretical and mathematical aspects of computer science.

Thesis was “MINT: A Toolbox for the Design and Simulation of Multistage Interconnection Networks”

B.Sc. In Computer Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

1988 — 1992

As this was an engineering degree, both the design of hardware and software was covered. The courses covered both electrical engineering and computer science - enough courses were taken to get a minor in computer science, as well as a minor in psychology.

Systems Engineering Certificate Program, George Washington University

1998 — 1998

The certificate program covered the fundamentals of systems engineering.

Summer Professional Program: Embodied Intelligence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1997 — 1997

The summer course covered the basics of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Diploma in Writing for Film and Television, Vancouver Film School

2002 — 2003

As VFS is a trade school, the courses were both in the craft of film making (all aspects of it - directing, production, etc) along with making several student films. The last half of the year was spent in the writing department, learning about the process of writing screenplays.

Professional Certificate, Stanford Online

2016-01 — Present

A series of courses in Machine Learning and Data Science topics

statistical learning, machine learning